Related Organizations

At IDE, we believe in the importance of small teams. We have seen how large projects can go off the rails, large teams tend to suffer from communication breakdowns which lead to cost overruns, missed deliverables, poor client communication, misunderstanding of requirements and unhappy customers.

As a result, IDE believes in the importance of relationships. We keep our teams small and efficient, we draw on partners to build the right team at the right size.

IDE has joined with Jade Systems Inc. to create a partnership We Enhance ITallowing us to better deliver custom software projects throughout North America.

Other Web Sites

IDE has been involved in the development of a number of web based applications or sites for client organizations. While many of the applications are not available to the general public, we invite you to explore the goods and services available at the following sites

Assist Packaging and Procurement is a supplier of packing and shipping materials.
autism-funding is a free service designed to help parents with autistic children, who live in British Columbia, manage their funding that is available from the BC Government.
Outages is an application that helps maintainers of computer systems keep their users information about upcoming planned outages. This is an functional application in beta mode, so it is free for users to try.
Laura Brown Gallery is source for the bulk purchase of quality artwork.