Accurate intelligence is the single most important factor in making the right strategic and tactical decisions. Decision Support applications present your information to your decision makers in a clean and concise manner.

Decisions Support Systems:

  • Capture or collect organizational data
  • Process the data into information
  • Present and distribute the information as intelligence
DSS allow you to make informed decisions.

Good business decisions can only be made with good intelligence. Intelligence is data that has been processed into information and then presented in a form that makes it obvious.

Much of the intelligence that you need to make key decisions is buried in the data that your organizations generates. Decision Support Systems capture data, convert data into information and then present that information as intelligence. At IDE we take your data and make it into Intelligence.

Your organization probably generates volumes of data but very little of it is accessible to you as intelligence. Even if it is flowing into a data warehouse, Data in a database or data warehouse is not enough. To turn data into intelligence you must understand the business, then you convert data to information and then to intelligence.

Intelligence is information that is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand and use to draw accurate conclusions

Creating easy to understand reports is the key to providing intelligence to those that need it. IDE has the highly specialized expertise and experience to present intelligence to your organization.

Reports must be available when they are needed and in the form they are needed. This means varied and easy to access channels for everyone who needs to know. Distributing intelligence is as important as creating it - reports must be available reliably, accurately and securely.